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Quote mightwin Replybullet Topic: Bucket list buffet
    Posted: Yesterday at 1:38pm
I had always made fun of the high price tag of the Sterling Brunch at Bally's in Las Vegas. Until I went that is.

All you can eat lobster tails? Sign me up.

I went a few years ago with a friend that was trying to do something nice for me on a weekend trip.

I've gone back every trip since. I plan my trip around that buffet.

You have to plan on eating $100 worth of food and champagne to make it worth it if you're afraid of the price. But that's easily do-able. Lobster tails average over $25 each at a not so fancy restaurant. Filet mignon is at least $20 now of these days at a cheaper steakhouse. Throw in huge shrimp, crab legs, and caviar - then there's also lamb chops and a nice assortment of well prepared entrees to choose from. The champagne is rumored to be $50 a bottle and they don't let your glass go empty.

It's not the huge buffets you'll see at other places with 100's of choices. It's a quality over quantity buffet.

The service is outstanding - whether you're in a large group or by yourself. You're made to feel like you are special.

Let me know if you've tried it before. I'd like to hear your thoughts.

If you haven't tried it - it's one of those things you do as a special occasion or after winning maybe.

I've made reservations 6 months in advance - just to guarantee my place at the table there. It's the start of my vacation and I look forward to it every time now.

Wishing royals for everyone.

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