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Quote FloridaPhil Replybullet Posted: Today at 5:04am
Originally posted by case

You just don't understand what an AVERAGE of 40,000 hands means.
This number is meaningless.  If you play VP and don't hit a royal in 40,000 hands, you begin to think the games are rigged.  If you hit more than your share, you start believing you are an expert.  Most likely, neither are true.

VP math calculations have value.  Odds calculations allow you to select the best games letting you play more hands with the same money.   Computer perfect play does the same thing.  Playing positive games perfectly gives you the best chance of a long term positive result.   If you do everything right and royals don't appear, your long term VP results will be negative.  So what is an average Recreational VP player to do?

Find a game you can play close to perfect for as long as possible.  Play at a denomination where you are not unduly troubled if things don't go your way all the time. Find and play that game with the best odds you have available.   If you can't find a positive VP game, don't fret over it.  If losing on occasion bothers you, quit playing VP and find something else to do with your time.

Comps have value, but don't accept bigger losses in return unless the trade off is worth the cost.  Playing quarter VP a couple of days a week, I average $50 a week in free play, that's like being paid for two royals a year for nothing.   If I'm flexible on my dates, I can get a free room at most any casino in this country.  My wife can never drink all the free cocktails they will give her and I can't eat all the free sandwiches.  Playing VP right is a deal.

Using a low cash out limit will not make you a long term winner by itself.  However, it will greatly improve your attitude and keep you from panicking, taking pot shots, moving up in denomination or moving to high variance games.  Panicking causes more losses than all the bad games and hands you will ever play. 

I learned all this the hard way and I'm telling you so you don't have to.

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"Get your facts first, then you can distort them as you please."   Mark Twain
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