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Topic: The Fox news Guy I actually Like Post Reply
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Quote DaBurglar Replybullet Topic: The Fox news Guy I actually Like
    Posted: Today at 6:06am

When you read the article above, keep in Mind that real True Conservatives put the USA first, not themselves nor blasting opponents just to make themselves feel better.   Ronald Reagan, the Icon of Conservatives in America since 1980 was KNOWN for his ability to reach across the aisle and compromise....George H.W. Bush ("Bush I"), who was perhaps the MOST qualified president we ever had when he assumed office in 1989, was also a reasonable man who also exemplified true conservativism.

When you read Shep Smith's comments above, recognize that Trump does NOT represent conservative values or thinking.....Fascism, is what we are now facing from the so-called Republican PArty and administration.   For those of you weak on History, Fascism is what Nazi Germany, Mussolini's Italy, and countless other tinpot military dictatorships that existed post WWII in the third world truly embodies.

Three cheers for SHep Smith for telling it like it is
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