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Topic: Non-Smoking Post Reply
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Senior Member

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Quote Chicagoan Replybullet Posted: 16 Dec 2017 at 12:48pm
I am 100% in agreement that government does not have the right to tell someone he/she cannot smoke. 100% agreement! However, I also believe that in the conflict of rights, the rights of the non-smoker who is being assaulted with toxic fumes exceed the rights of the smoker. Does government have the right to tell someone he can't drink and drive if that drinking and driving interferes with the right of another motorist to safely access the highway? I would think so.
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Quote DaBurglar Replybullet Posted: 18 Dec 2017 at 8:03pm

Our notions of FREEDOM are bizarre, hypocritical and inconsistent, and easily manipulated by extremists, malcontents, immoral idiots or misguided crusaders who can't see beyond their cause celebre (like abortion zealots, or gun freaks or gay rights activists)...

America is the home of the most selfish people on Earth... Not saying every American is selfish to this extreme, but many are and it shows in numerous ways....why else would we have every generation since the WWII Generation (the greatest generation) willing to stick their children's children with the problems now facing us....twenty trillion dollars in debt, about to balloon beyond counting because the richest 1%, via their paid Representatives, see a window to slam a scam thru and call it reform....while on the other side, the dunce-o-crats never met a social program they didn't like, and both sides love defense spending when it lands in their neighborhood.

How can we keep kicking the can down the road, hoping we'll be dead before there's a reckoning...And If you believe in God their is a reckoning to come.

Edited by DaBurglar - 19 Dec 2017 at 2:18pm
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Quote FAA Replybullet Posted: Yesterday at 11:03pm
According to the President's recent physical exam, he is but one pound away from the obese category himself. The golf is clearly ineffective.
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Quote EDC1977 Replybullet Posted: Yesterday at 11:22pm
Originally posted by Eduardo

Originally posted by DaBurglar

I would like to ask you, and anyone else reading this thread one simple question: why on Earth, in this day and age of irrefutable evidence/knowledge/devastation caused by tobacco use and addiction, are tobacco products still available to the consumer public?

Because people want them and this is America.I'm not a fan of smoking and would love for everyone to quit. But I also am not a fan of the government telling us what we can and shouldn't do.The tide has turned I think and before long, many fewer people will want them.It will work itself out. But for those stuck with the addiction, it is a real battle. I know several people going through that and being successful with alternatives. It's a great thing to see when a longtime smoker is able to do without.
Hey Eduardo, where's the "Like" tab so I can click on it? Yes I'm still addicted but also manage to limit myself to 1/2 pack or less per day so it's kinda hypocritical for me to like this post yet you're still the MAN.
ED da Cat
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