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Topic: VP Math Predictions That Never Fail Post Reply
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Video Poker Master

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Quote olds442jetaway Replybullet Posted: Today at 10:18am
There's one more. .00001 percent chance of breaking down driving to the casino and never making it there. In my case though, move that decimal point over a few notches. I just can't resist still taking every trip except the one Friday nights with the Mrs. in my 98 Saturn with 356k miles on the original drive train. These days, I carry 2 quarts of oil with me, a fresh set of plugs, and my ratchet and dielectric grease ready to go in case I oil foul the plugs on the way up or back. Now if I only had the money I saved in car payments, driving this car and getting 40 mpg, for 18 years, I might have saved enough to buy Phils 55 T Bird when he tires of it. . If anyone is interested and Phil may be read up on my friend, racer, racing buff, old ford buff, and director of Relationship Marketing at Mohegan Sun Paul Athey. Check out the pics of the 49 Merc and other cars and stories. Very interesting reading. Just google Paul Athey Mohegan and everything will come up.
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