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Topic: There is absolutely no strategy playing Keno Post Reply
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Quote sza Replybullet Topic: There is absolutely no strategy playing Keno
    Posted: 24 Apr 2017 at 4:24pm
Keno is 100% random and the numbers you pick really doesn't matter. The odds are same.

You should avoid playing Keno. The return rate is 88%-90%, it is even worse than a slot machine.
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Quote Casino Knight Replybullet Posted: 24 Apr 2017 at 10:06pm
Unless you get really, REALLY blessed!!!
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Quote chaz8180 Replybullet Posted: 11 Aug 2017 at 9:01am
I Disagree.

I have done consistently good on Keno with common numbers. For example I have hit 9/10 three times since July 2016. Twice I was playing the same exact numbers. I had only hit it once prior to that and I have been playing Keno since 2006. Even worse is I live in Ohio which has had these mini casinos for years that have different keno games: Superball (same as Power Keno), Double Up (lets you double up if you want after 10 numbers are drawn), Super Double Up (combines the two previous games and there is mad money on this game), Toucheasy (similar to high paying but pays about half but depends which payout they offer) and Lightning keno (payouts on par or better than typical Game King keno but rarer than the other kenos). Also there are more and more jackpots attached to these games. I tend to do better on the games without jackpots although I dabble with them at times. I say that because I have played extended amounts of Video Keno every single day since Late 2008. Many places offer match play and you can get 10 for 10 or 20 for 20 match. Right now in my area there are literally dozens of these places. I have done too good on certain numbers some which apply to any keno and some apply to certain keno.

Now I am a Keno Player because I love playing. Could sit at a machine for 12 hours straight and not get bored. Winning is a plus and I have done decent.

I am not saying chance and random numbers don't help (or hurt) you. Thing is if a machine wants to pay you $1000 and you are betting $.50 if you are playing 4 or 5 numbers it is not in the cards you aren't hitting this. I am more of a pick your own numbers guy but will try "quick picks" at times. I think quick picks are something that work really good on 4 card keno and older keno games like that.

I used to go in casinos and play 100 spins and track how i did on certain games, playing certain numbers and so on. Usually games like Caveman Keno I fared pretty well. Cleopatra Keno was a true hit or miss. You also have to learn the paytables (not just payouts). Some of the more gimmicky keno like "Lucky Bells" which is a more modern day Caveman Keno there is tons of potential as you could get you base win and have it multiplied by 16x (some20x). Some of the newer machines they have capped payout per credit (like 1800 or 2000x) which dilutes its purpose as the older machines had a straight $8000 or $10000 capped payout whether you were betting $.25 or the max $5.00 either way it can make some quality mid tier wins. You have to pay attention like how it pays better for 6/8 than 6/7 and weird stuff like that. You can bank just playing 3 or 4 numbers and stacking the multipliers (6 bells: 2 gives you 2x and 6 gives you 16x, older version [and hard to find] gave you 7 bells and a 20x multiplier).

I say this because I used to only play video slots and your occasional reel slots. I have had more luck with keno and so has my fiance. I hate that most new games there are so many lines. It used to be 15 and 20 lines per bet. Now it is normal to play 60 cents to a dollar just to play all the lines on some of these new penny slots. I like the Cleopatra (and Cleo II), Mystical and Magical Mermaid, Pharaoh's Fortune, Buffet Mania, Hexbreaker, Snow Globes and Super Cherry. These new slots suck as a whole compared to the older stuff.

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Quote europa92118 Replybullet Posted: 23 Jun 2018 at 2:35pm
I do agree that which numbers you pick makes no difference as unless the casino is negligent in maintaining their game (ball cleaning, goose maintenance, etc) all numbers are equally likely.

I do disagree what there is no strategy involved. Use of way tickets (this can be done on machines that offer more than one card) can increase your odds or amounts you will win (the house edge may not be the same on different numbers of spots chosen). There are casino promos and tourneys where the player can get an edge. Use of your players card can knock down the house edge significantly.

While there is no way that a game with a negative expectation can be turned to a positive expectation by betting methods, taking advantage of promos, comps, tourneys can reduce or eliminate the house edge.

As to saying that you should avoid keno because of the house edge, not true. There are other factors that contribute to your overall expected wins or losses. Besides the obvious such as bet amount and house edge one overlooked factor is game speed. If you are an average blackjack player betting $5 per hand yo get about 100 hands per hour and lose about 2% thus an hours play costs you about 100 X $5 x 2% = $10. If you play craps and just play the pass line or don't pass line (almost the same) ignoring the odds (no house or player edge on the odds) and bet $5 each come out roll you will get about 60 to 100 rolls per hour, BUT not every roll, in fact most rolls do not affect your bet. You may win or lose right away on the come out roll is a 2,3,7, or 11 is rolled but if you roll a box number (4,56,8,9,10) the number either has to repeat before a 7 or if a 7 to win or if the 7 shows first you lose. This may take several rolls thus in an hour of play you may get 20-25 decisions and the math looks like this: $5 X 1.4 % (house edge) X 25 (decisions per hour) = $1.75 per hour thus playing $5 on the pass line for an hour means you will usually last longer than betting blackjack at $5 per hand. Now let's look at keno. Let's use a house edge of 25% (tickets at the lower levels have house edges of 15%-35% in most places (lower generally downtown and off strip, higher on strip) . Game speed oat live keno is slow, 6 to 10 games per hour thus let's assume (dictionary, not common definition here)that you are again betting $5 per game with a house edge of 25% playing 8 games per hour thus your expected loss per hour is $5 X 25% X 8 = $10 per hour, about the same as blackjack.

Now in all games intelligent play can significantly reduce your expected losses. In blackjack learning basic strategy and avoiding the 6:5 games can reduce your expected losses as a $5 better to under $5 per hour. At craps if you have been accustomed to playing $5 per bet but the casino has a $3 minimum, reduce it to $3 on the pass line and take the odds ($3 for 4 and 10, $4 for 5 and 9, and $5 for 6 and 8 and you decrease the edge against you as the odds have no edge either way and just$3 per roll is exposed to the house edge rather than $5 per roll. In keno check the pay books for promotions and specials that may have a lower house edge. For example the Deano rate at the D has a house edge of only 15%, the best around for low level play.This reduces your expected loss on$5 bets to about $6 instead of $10 Per hour. Thus you can use a strategy in Keno and the loss expectation compares well with other games offered by the casino.
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